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A beautiful first birth experience - Jenna & Josh Hook

We cannot recommend the doula team at the Nurturey enough! We chose to deliver in Sioux Falls, about 1 hour 45 minutes away from where we live, so it was comforting knowing we had a team of experts closer to guide us as our due date was approaching. They were available to answer all my questions and provide reassurance when I was experiencing any changes throughout my pregnancy. As first time parents it was a huge relief to know that we weren’t in this alone.

When labor started and I was feeling contractions close enough together to prompt us to head towards Sioux Falls, we sent a message to update the doula team. By the time we had reached Sioux Falls, Sarah had already left so she could meet us there. She expressed that even if this wasn’t “IT” that she wanted to be there for us and had no problem driving that far. She met us in triage at the hospital and provided a very calming presence. This was huge for me because I was feeling discouraged after they told me I wasn’t far enough into labor to admit me.

We ended up getting a hotel room in Sioux Falls and so did Sarah. Not even 2 hours after leaving the hospital I was needing her to come to our hotel room to help work through some pretty strong contractions. Without hesitation, she was there. My husband had been trying to get me to head back to the hospital (he REALLY didn’t want to be having our baby in a hotel room); however, I was not ready to go back in fear that they’d send me away again. It wasn’t until Sarah encouraged me that it was the best thing to do for all of us that I agreed to go.

While my husband left to get the vehicle Sarah helped me call the hospital to give them a heads up that we’d be coming back. They were ready for us when we arrived and it was a huge relief to hear it was time to have a baby this time! I spent about an hour laboring in the tub and Sarah was by my side the entire time. Again, her calming presence was just what I needed. This also allowed my husband to take a little bit of a rest (it’s a full time job to have a strong willed/stubborn wife)! I knew I wanted a low intervention birth and was happy to have already discussed this with our doula team prior. As things progressed I was so thankful to have Sarah there to talk things over. As the medical team offered different things she made sure I was confident in accepting or declining. The birth of our baby boy happened within 3 hours of being at the hospital and it was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Sarah snapped photos throughout and we cherish them so much.

Having the doula team on call and having Sarah present prior to and at our birth allowed my husband to just be Dad and took a lot of pressure off of him. We are so thankful for this. As I mentioned previously, her calming presence made the entire experience. I just knew I was going to be okay with her there. She’s compassionate, kind and truly treated us like we were her own family. We are thankful for the relationship we formed with her and (Lord willing) would love to have her part of our future births!

Jenna and Josh Hook

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