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A more supported birth the second time around - Christina & Chad Janiszeski

My husband and I had our first daughter during Covid so everything was different than expected & so impersonal.

We knew that we wanted things to be different with our second daughter. I was so relieved to find out that The Nurturey offered various forms of support for mothers, including a doula.

We thought that would be great support for this second birth & we were NOT disappointed. Sarah was AMAZING!

I reached out as my labor started & she offered to come over right away for support. As soon as she got there, things progressed faster than we expected & she offered to ride with us to the hospital.

It was wonderful. Sarah was calm, kind, supportive & there for my husband & I not only throughout labor but also afterwards to check in on us as we transitioned back home. We would highly recommend Sarah for your Doula & we hope to have her with us again if/when we add to our family.

Mom and new baby

Christina & Chad Janiszeski

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