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An unexpected hospital transfer - Reba & Blake

A foreward from us at The Nurturey:

We are so thankful that Reba wanted to share this story. As she shares, her birth did not go the way she initially planned. We were so honored to support them as they navigated a tricky situation and afterwards as they navigated tongue tie issues. This story really demonstrates how having a support team in place can make all the difference!

Reba's Story:

Our birth story ended up being a total 180* turnaround from what we originally had planned.

We were all set up for a home birth with our midwife and ended up hiring Jenna and Jess only a few weeks from my due date at her repeat recommendation, and I am so glad we did! I ended up with preeclampsia and was no longer able to have my home water birth, which upset me to the point that I know I pushed my levels over the edge and ended up going into our local hospital around 1am, then learned we would be transported to Sioux Falls from there. I called Jenna (who was on call for me), and she met us there.

I have never been a fan of doctors or our healthcare system (hence originally planning a home birth) and was BEYOND grateful to have Jenna there to help us weigh our options and ask questions, particularly when we had one VERY rude male doctor who went so far as to threaten to break my son's collarbone in an attempt to pressure me into a c-section.

Long story short, Jenna saved my sanity and nerves, staying with us while waiting for a more understanding doctor's shift to start, helping us with whatever we needed (that horribly uncomfortable L&D thing they called a "bed", fixing my blanket, got my water for me when my husband went outside to smoke, etc etc ETC). I am so glad my midwife was insistant that we hire a doula and cannot recommend Jenna and Jess enough!! I only wish we had hired them sooner and won't wait to hire them for my next pregnancy.

Our son also had trouble nursing due to tongue and lip ties (tried nursing most feedings but ended up pumping and giving him a bottle for a few of weeks), even after we got them fixed, but one meeting with Jenna and Jess and they had us back to it like nothing had happened!!

I am beyond thankful for Jenna and Jess and highly recommend them to everyone pregnant that I run into. "Crunchy Momma" or not, you need them in your corner when that special day comes!!

- Reba Hundt

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