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Pumping & Flange Fitting

Find the correct flange size and learn best practices to maximize your pumping experience

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What is flange fitting?

Pumping is a part of the feeding journey for many people. The size flanges you use can make a HUGE difference in how comfortable and how effective your pumping session is. Spoiler alert: the sizes that come with most pumps are NOT the right sizes for many people!  

There are a variety of opinions on how to correctly size for flanges. What we've learned by sizing many people is that when you find the right size, pumping is both comfortable and it get's the milk flowing! Using a ruler, coin, etc. to measure the size of your nipple is an ok place to start, but we find that it rarely gets you to the best size. It's really the most effective to try on a variety of flange sizes because every person's breasts and nipples respond differently and often times we're surprised at what the best fitting (and functioning) flange is! 

Make the most of the time you spend pumping by ensuring you have the best fitting flanges! 

We carry flanges from size 10mm to 32mm that are compatible with most pumps: Medela, Spectra, Motif and most other pumps.

We have connectors that can be used to make most pumps compatible with these parts or we will help you figure out what you can use to get the right size flange for your pump.

We also carry Pumpin' Pals and flange inserts that can be used in almost any standard size flanges to make them the right size. 

What to expect:

  • A complete pumping consultation where in addition to fitting you for flanges we discuss your pumping routine and answer any questions you have

  • Discuss any milk supply issues

  • You are welcome to bring your pump with, that way we can review the use of your pump

  • If you do not have a pump yet or just need to use one of our pumps we have multiple in the office to use

  • We will try multiple sizes of flanges on to determine the best one for you

Cost: $50 

Please note: Flange fitting is included as part of our other consultations as well. This consultation is offered as an option for those who don't need to discuss breastfeeding or feeding baby. 


Appointment necessary!
Please schedule online, call or text us for availability. 

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