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Educating you with evidence based information to help you feel prepared and confident

Infant Feeding Essentials Class

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The early weeks of parenthood are full of new experiences and a major part of that is figuring out how to feed your baby! Did you know that newborn babies need to eat an average of 8-12 times per day? If you're thinking, that's all I'm going to be doing for awhile - you're right! Learn the basic skills you'll need to breastfeed, chestfeed, pump, and bottle feed - or any combination of these!

This class will cover:

  • The basics of how your body makes milk and what you need to do to support this process

  • How to get breastfeeding or pumping off to a great start from birth

  • What to expect in the first few days and weeks of your baby's life in terms of feeding behaviors

  • Latch and positioning techniques to help your baby get a good attachment and avoid nipple pain and damage

  • How to know that your baby's getting enough

  • How to manage engorgement and avoid mastitis

  • Pumping practices and routines - the opportunity to see multiple pumps and ask questions you have about them!

  • Bottle feeding techniques, formula preparation, and more!

Partners are highly encouraged to come! - one ticket is good for both you and your partner or other support person.  (Please Note: Partners do not include friends or other pregnant people, must be your direct support person, i.e. your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. Thank you! )

Upcoming Classes:​​​​​​​

  • Monday, March 11th, 2024 from 5:30-8:30 pm

Pumping Prep
Back to Work Class

We all know pumps don't come with great instructions. We have all asked the questions...How do I put this together? How do I turn it on? When am I supposed to pump? Learn everything you need to know about how to use a pump, when to pump and how to manage going back to work while continuing to provide the best food for your baby.

This class will cover:

  • Reasons you may need or want to pump from the early days through your entire breastfeeding journey

  • The opportunity to see multiple pumps, how they works, questions you may have and what pump is best for you

  • How to effectively use a pump

  • Flange fitting - what it is and why it is important

  • Tips and tricks for optimal pumping practices and routines

  • Back to work prep

  • Milk storage guidelines and preparation

  • Your laws and rights regarding breastfeeding in the workplace

  • Bottle feeding, daycare adjustment and much more!!

Upcoming Classes:​

Birth Essentials Workshop

Birth is unpredictable, but knowledge is power!  This evidence based and comprehensive childbirth class will cover the things you need to know to feel confident and empowered for your birth no matter what your birth plans include.  Join us for a fun, informative, and interactive full day workshop! 

This class will cover:

  • How to navigate the health care system

  • Advocacy and communications

  • Stages of labor

  • Birth options: birth setting, your support team

  • Interventions: IVs, pain medication, epidurals, fetal monitoring, vaginal exams, reputuring membranes, internal monitoring, foley catheters and more

  • Inductions - reasons, methods, how to have an empowering experience

  • Cecereans - what to expect, how to have an empowering experience

  • Navigating Choices and common situations

  • Comfort measures- breathing, movement, positioning, visualization, touch and massage, music, water immersion, vocalization, creating a calming environment, acupresure, counter pressure and more!

  • Hands on practice of positioning and comfort measure

  • Newborn care and choices

  • Birth plans and more!

Upcoming Classes:

(please contact us if you are interested in attending a class)

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