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Individualized support for your feeding journey

Lactation Consultations provided by
Southwest Minnesota Lactation & Beyond

Jenna Erickson, CNM, IBCLC and Jess Dressen, LPN, IBCLC work together to provide personalized lactation support for you and your baby.  

Our goal is to help you meet your infant feeding goals, no matter what they are.  We provide evidence based education and support for breastfeeding, chest-feeding, and bottle feeding families. 

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  • Initial Lactation Consultation

    • For new clients needing help with any lactation related concerns, a comprehensive evaluation of you and baby with detailed care plan​ (1.5-2 hours)

      • In Home - $200​ (within 30 miles from Marshall)

      • In Office - $150​

  • Follow-up Lactation Consultation​​

    • For existing clients only. Many times follow-up visits are helpful for ongoing evaluation and support.​ Things can change quickly in the early days of breastfeeding! (1-1.5 hours)

      • In Home - $150​ (within 30 miles from Marshall)

      • In Office - $100

  • Virtual Lactation Consultations (All types)​

    • The same type of visits offered as above, but in a virtual format via a secure telehealth platform. Virtual visits are typically shorter (1-1.5 hour) but can be just as helpful for a wide variety of issues!​

      • Initial Visit - $100​

      • Follow Up - $75 ​​


  • Flange Fitting Consultation​

    •  This includes fitting you for flanges by trying on a variety of sizes to determine which is the best size for you (this is by far the most accurate way to flange fit in our experience). We will also discuss your pumping routine, answer questions about your pump or others you're wondering about and discuss any milk supply issues related to pumping. ​

      • In Office - $50

  • Prenatal Lactation Consultation

    • A visit to discuss your lactation related concerns before baby arrives. Ideal for those with a history of lactation challenges or other medical conditions that may impact lactation. This can also be a personalized breastfeeding education session.​​ (2 hours)

      • In Office or Virtual - $150​​​​

  • Weaning Consultation

    • This is a visit dedicated to helping you prepare for weaning.  The end of your breastfeeding journey can look a lot of different ways and we're happy to help you navigate it! 

      • In Office or Virtual - $50​

There is a $25.00 additional charge for all visits involving multiple babies.

Insurance and Payment

Our services are considered private pay with the opportunity for insurance coverage through Lactation Network. We will provide you with information you need to submit your bill to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. 

We never want payment to prevent you from receiving help.

We offer discounts for clients in need. If you need help but can't afford our services or are concerned about insurance reimbursements please reach out to us to discuss options.

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