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Doula Services

Support for you and baby after birth

Parents with Newborn Baby

Postpartum Care for You & Baby

Have you ever wished that you had someone to be there with you at home during those early weeks of being a new parent to answer your questions, provide you with helpful resources, and help tend to your practical needs like showering, eating and maybe even getting a little sleep?  

Wouldn't it be awesome if that person was also an experienced nurse, lactation consultant and postpartum doula who really understands the needs of a new mom and baby? 

Well, wish no more.   That is exactly what these services are designed to provide you with.  Expert, compassionate, non-judgemental care when you and your baby need it most. 

Postpartum Doula Services

  • If hired prenatally, 1 Prenatal planning visit at our office 

  • Average visit length: 2-4 hours each 

    • Minimum of 2 hours each visit​

    • Minimum of 4 hours if you live >30 miles from Marshall

  • Visits include:

    • Mental and emotional support in your recovery from birth​

    • Evidence based information on mother & baby care

    • Sleep support and solutions

    • Light housekeeping and meal prep

    • Help with older siblings

    • Resources and help to build your support systems

    • Breast or bottle feeding support

    • Whatever you need at that time to feel calm, confident and supported!

  • Includes unlimited text and email support for the duration of your package


0-20 hours: $30/hour

21-50 hours: $25/hour

51+ hours: $20/hour

We will work with you to schedule your visits however it works best for you and your family! 

To learn more and find out if these services are right for you, schedule a free, no-obligation consultation, by emailing us at:

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