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A long road that led to a empowered birth - Breann Farmer

My birthing story actually begins in 2018. That’s when I had my first miscarriage. I lost my son, Benjamin, at 18 weeks gestation. The care that I had at the time was terrible. I was treated so awful. My voice was not heard.

I was pregnant again in 2022 after a long road of heartbreak and more losses. My husband and I were both excited and wanted to make sure this would be unlike anything we had experienced. We searched for the Nurturey after hearing glowing reviews from locals and friends. We were hopeful about the support they could offer, but knowing our history we assumed there wasn’t much they could do since I was considered high risk.

We came into our consultation and laid it all out. Sarah was so kind and compassionate with her care. We received lots of helpful information on what to expect. She encouraged us to buy a newborn outfit to look at and know that a baby would soon be wearing it. Her compassion and knowledge sealed the deal for us.

We wouldn’t have the dream home birth we wanted, but we did have a plan for a natural birth in the hospital. Of course, things didn’t go to plan. I ended up getting induced a week earlier than my due date. Sarah never once made me feel bad for making choices that weren’t in my original plan. She supported me and helped me think for myself what choices would be best. My voice was heard and honored.

Sarah brought love, comfort, and encouragement to that delivery room. She did an amazing job even encouraging my husband. She stayed with us all 16 hours of my labor. We shared so many laughs and tears through this whole process. I wouldn’t change a single thing. I felt so empowered while bringing my son into the world.

- Breann Farmer

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