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All around support for a first birth - Jenn & Spenser

When my husband and I found out we were pregnant, we started looking for birthing classes so we were more prepared for our first baby. We heard about The Nurturey through a friend and she was the one who also mentioned that they have other services such as doulas, and lactation services. I was surprised that we had these services right in Marshall! We took advantage of all of the services offered!

The Evidence-Based Childbirth classes were so informative and helpful! Being first-time parents, we didn’t even know what questions to ask, but we were in a class with several first-time parents, one experienced couple, and our great teacher Jenna, so we had great discussions and learned a lot.

Sarah was our Doula and she was the best! She is so sweet and kind, and knows how to support everyone involved. She came over when I was having contractions and walked me through several positions to help me get through them until we went to the hospital around midnight. She met us there and spent the night with us, making sure to be available when we needed her. While giving birth, my husband and Sarah were by my side, holding my hands and advocating for me. Once we were settled in at home, Sarah came over to meet our baby girl and helped me with some breastfeeding questions.

Pictured: Doula Sarah and sweet baby Cecilia

We were having some issues with breastfeeding, and Jess was able to help us out with that. She gave me the proper tools that I needed for breastfeeding and pumping, and also recommended that we see a dentist that specializes in lip and tongue ties. Turned out, that our baby needed a really quick and easy procedure to remove her lip and tongue ties. After that, we didn’t have as many issues and breastfeeding was much easier for us!

We had an all around great experience and recommend any of these services!

Jenn & Spenser

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